Aug. 17th, 2014

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A number of the things we did were to make sure Rhys enjoyed the time he spent in England. One of these, while in Wales, was a place called Folly Farm. It had started out as a petting zoo kind of attraction, but had expanded considerably from that modest starting point. It was well organized and lots of fun.

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Caerphilly Castle is the largest castle in Wales, and the second largest in the United Kingdom. An amazing, well researched, well funded restoration of the place was done in the late eighteen/early nineteen hundreds by the then-owners, the Marquesses of Bute.

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We took a day-trip to Bath. It was originally intended to be with my Aunty Chris, as she has family living there, but we ended up going by ourselves. Still, it was an interesting time and I'd like to go back and have more of a poke around the Georgian aspects of Bath. We enjoyed seeing the Roman Baths, though, and it was nice to get a good idea of them. My previous memory of them mostly involved my sister falling in.

It was interesting to see how people don't change. When the Romans arrived, they found the locals worshiping a goddess of wisdom and healing at the hot spring by the name of Sulis. She reminded them very much of their own Minerva, and the two quickly merged, creating the temple and hot springs of Sulis Minerva. Much as, here as tourists, we spend our time noting similarities and differences to what we are used to.

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Exuberantly redecorated during the late 1800s to be a medieval/gothic fantasy, there is SO MUCH to see. You could spend hours in a room and not have seen all the detail, be constantly spying some other little thing. The meticulous attention to detail and the ability to cram as much as possible into a space was breath-taking.

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So, on the trip back to London for the last few days, the original plan was to stop at the Cheddar Caves on the way, but after re-routing once, we arrived in Cheddar Gorge rather later than intended and the sheer volume of people there made Frazer and me look at each other and just say "Hell No", so we drove down random English country lanes for a while until we saw a sign that said "Salisbury" and I said "Oh, they have a nice cathedral there…"

So… here are some pictures of the Salisbury Cathedral. The majority of it was completed within 40 years, so the architecture is uniformly, and solidly, early English Gothic. Massive, and beautiful, building.

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The last outing of our trip took place to London Zoo. Sadly, Rhys was not feeling well that day, so it was a sadly less-enjoyable outing than it could have been. Poor sproglet. Animals looked healthy and there were lots of information to be looked at and read.

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