Sep. 25th, 2015

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In our Pro-D today, we were talking about doing a school-wide project around the origins of our students, and ourselves. And we were looking at using a poem called "I Am From" by George Ella Lyon to use as a starting point, for poems "in the style of".

Poem under Cut )

And as a staff, and as individuals, we brainstormed our own responses. It was a pretty raw experience for me, as exhausted as I was from Parent Teacher Interviews last night. They were hoping that each teacher could submit one or two stanzas from their poems so that the team who was leading the initiative could put together a "We are From" poem from Chaffey-Burke teachers for the community connection night around the initiative.

And, after carefully NOT going further down the rabbit hole than I could deal with in a public place, I wrote the following lines that they can choose from.

I am from mountains and oceans, fir-lined slopes and foaming waves.
I am from the pebble beaches of Pevensy and the French fields on long summer days.
I am from foxes - the ones my Nana fed in her long, narrow garden and the one my little brother worked hard to earn for me as a child.
I am from the safe, warm, quiet of a bed, disappearing into a less lonely world by the dim light of a street-lamp.
I am the Phoenix, buoyed up by the teachers and friends who saw strength, not weakness, by the mother who bends and does not break.
I am from acceptance, and pragmatism, and deep-rooted love.


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