Jul. 8th, 2016

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Because once again today the internet is showing the world to be a despicable place, I am going to institute a social media moratorium. I feel a little bad about that, as I have the privilege of being able to turn off my exposure to the ick... but as I have said before, there's little I can do but to keep on doing as I have done. Educate the young in empathy, diversity, and tolerance. Apply kindness and consideration to all I pass, which includes making a special effort to smile at those who are of different skin tones or whose clothes denote a different culture, and to call out racist language, assumptions, and media tropes when I see them, as well as try and identify those illiberal feelings and responses in myself.

So, in response to a feeling of despair, I am going to put productivity on my list today. I haven't done a to do: tah dah! list in a while, so hopefully this will be cathartic.

To Do:

- clean bedroom
- deal with backlogged paperwork

Tah Dah:

- make a cup of tea x 2
- drink a cup of tea x 2 (yes, these must be separate bullets)
- empty dishwasher
- take storage stuff down to car to take to storage locker
- take Rhys to swimming
- wrote a work email
- take down container recycling
- bring Rhys and friend back from swimming
- refill hummingbird feeders
- make bread
- wash laundry x 2
- dry laundry x 3
- cull clothing from closet
- make lunch
- clean up from lunch
- put laundry away x 3
- do science experiments with Rhys and friend
- write strata fee cheques for year
- put away groceries
- run Roomba
- cleaned cat box
- take out greenwaste
- take out garbage
- wash pots and pans
- make dinner
- clean off diningroom table
- make lemon-blueberry loaf
- clean up from dinner
- finish cleaning livingroom
- cross-stitch


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