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Just felt the NyQuil hit my system. Interesting how you can so easily delineate when something starts to affect you, sometimes. Ativan, not so much. That's much more subtle for me. Alcohol and NyQuil, however, have the subtlety of a 3ft polished granite battle axe upside the head.

Was just looking at my statistics for this journal. I've been journaling here for over 10 years! 2000+ entries. That is quite the time-span. Was tempted to go back and start reading through them. May do that one day soon.

Frazer has started reading Terry Pratchett's works. This has me beyond thrilled. He has resisted reading them to this point because he got too much joy over tormenting me with the fact that he refused to read them and mocking my obsession. However, the day I found out about pTerry's death, he said he would. Because the joke wasn't funny any more.


He has now read Guards Guards! and loved it. He was a little worried at one point that Pratchett's love of poking at tropes was going to interfere with Carrot's role as the good, hidden King trope due to the irreverence with which Pratchett treats how things are "supposed to" go… however, when he mentioned that being his concern, I stopped worrying about if he would enjoy it or not. Pratchett may have enjoyed sending tropes up and poking at them with a sharp stick, but he respected them as well.

He has started on Men at Arms, and I will see about how far to send him down the Watch series before branching him out into other arcs. I think he'd really enjoy Small Gods.

Here's hoping that the NyQuil allows me to sleep through the stuffy nose. Hate trying to sleep when I can't breath properly.
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