Jan. 31st, 2009 10:22 am
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I think when there's some expectation it's almost easier. Old age, illness, disease... these things lead one to at least anticipate that death is a possibility, though not a pleasant one (unless it's an escape from constant pain).

This morning, my step-cousin's roommates went in to kick him out of bed and found he'd died in his sleep overnight.

He'd had a cold, but was in the process of getting better. The current theory is that he'd caught a virus and died of an unnoticed secondary infection. I guess we'll probably know more after the autopsy.

He was 20... and in University back east. His parents are flying out there today.

He was a really neat kid... intelligent, motivated, and going places.

Rhys is not allowed to catch a cold for the next few months. Minimum.


Jan. 21st, 2009 10:06 pm
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I got to the school I was working at today and stepped out of the car.

The fog was dense and muffled the sound of my feet on the icy sidewalk. The haze softened all edges and anything more than 20 ft away blurred into obscurity. The cold dampness cut through my winter jacket and clutched icy fingers around my bones as I looked around the abandoned street. In the eerie stillness, every leaf, every branch, every tree, every bush was coated with white crystals; the fog had brushed against them, painting them with dampness in the freezing air, repeating again and again with endless patience until every leaf, every twig wore a white shroud. I have never been in a more ghostly landscape.

I am so using that image in the next RPG I run.

On a related note, we haven't seen the sun in more than a week in Delta. We have been fogged in, completely, the entire time. Sun can come back any time now... while I'm not particularly dependent on sunshine, the mood boost that comes with the rarity of a sunny winter day wouldn't go amiss right now.

Also... two weeks to the reopening of the Patello bridge is much, much better than 4-6 weeks. While I can avoid the Alex Fraser, which is taking the worst of the over-flow traffic, it takes me an extra 1/2 hour each way to commute right now. :-P Yuck. Who knew the Patello had wooden support beams? Crazy. Damn major commuter bridges catching on fire...
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You know you're a mother when while you are at the grocery store, you note that your son is suddenly much quieter than usual. He has, in fact, fallen asleep in his stroller - for the first time in a very long time. You try to wake him up (sleep at home, so I can get stuff done, damn it!) but when that fails you finish your shopping, hoping he will wake up when the cold air hits him walking home.

You get outside and this fails to wake him, and the bumps are making his head loll all over the place... so you put the back of the stroller down so that he is lying down. This, however, exposes his legs and tummy to the rain that was previously only hitting the fronts of his legs. So you take off your rain jacket and spread it over him like a blanket and walk home, getting soaked yourself... and when he transfers from the stroller to his crib without waking up, dry and cozy and secure, you don't care one bit that you are soaked.


Last night was crazy windy and we woke up around 3 or so to an insistent beeping... it was the UPS system letting us know that the power had gone out. Muttering curses, and thankful we didn't have to work today, Frazer stumbled out of bed to turn it off.

Rhys woke up at 515am (which I only know because eventually I found Frazer's phone and checked the time on it). The power still hadn't come on. It is remarkably hard to look after a toddler by candle light when you're mostly asleep. He was moving around clumsily, as if he was half asleep too, so I put him back to bed with a bottle and went back to bed myself. He slept another two hours, which was nice. Power still wasn't on, but I brought him downstairs and it was light enough that we could see. I lay down on the ground to play with him... and fell back asleep. o.O He played quietly on the floor with me for 2 hours before I woke back up again!! Wonderful child.

Today was good Rememberance Day ceremony weather. It didn't rain, and wasn't freezing cold, but there were slate-grey skies and a light wind that had the fall leaves skipping along the ground. A bright, sunny day never seems to lend itself to a solemn rememberance of sacrifice.

To all those who fought, and who fight, for us and our freedoms, who have given youth, life, or limb, thank you. Thank you for believing enough, and for having courage enough, to do what you've been told is necessary. Thank you for those who willingly put their neck out there, not only for their and their family's safety, but for the safety of countrymen they've never met, and for the safety of people who have not the power to protect themselves and raise their children in security without help.

I may not always agree with where the Government says our soldiers should go, but I will ALWAYS respect those who place themselves in harms way for us and for others. Thank you.

Looong day.

Nov. 6th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Rhys was so much better today. Still, a day at home alone with a sick toddler was long and headache inducing.

We went to the library and got out some books (and returned this month's book club book... a really quick read that one), then went to the store to get a few things. In a minute I'm going to check how my green tomatoes are doing and may make green tomato chutney.

Frazer's out tonight at a friend's gallery show. He should be home in about 1/2 an hour. Rhys is sleeping. And I'm exhausted.

I'm working tomorrow at Douglas Road elementary... I'm reasonably sure I was requested, which is always nice.
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I. Want. To. Scream.

Mostly frustration, which is too bad, because actually I've been quite productive today.

The reason I want to scream is a)we have useless tools in this house and b) I can't find the ones I want/need because they weren't put back.

And so we still have cold air blowing around the door, which would not be the case if I could just find a pair of damn tin-snips!


Also... our bank isn't open on Mondays. Another grrr. One thing that was very convenient about TD Canada Trust was their lovely, long open hours. BMO has a ridiculously short open-hours time, at least for the convenience of anyone that works, and is closed the one day this week I'm likely to have off. Blargh.

Also, I couldn't find wool in the right colour, so I can't finish the curtain for the living area. So we're heating the whole house instead of the areas we use.

On a better note:

- Bought some Christmas presents.
- Got some clothes for Rhys for the cooler weather.
- Made chicken chowder and fresh bread for dinner.
- Booked our rooms at the Bellagio for December.
- Paid my Student Line of Credit payment.
- Found a book for the book club. Will be making a book club post shortly.
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Y'know... I don't think people have been taking this one seriously. If you think about the social and economic effects of it, in terms of people being removed from the work force to care for the afflicted and the familial consequences of that care, not to mention the mental anguish of those who are suffering from it, the effects are pretty staggering. And attention will shift to it now, because the boomers are getting to the age where it will be directly affecting them (and there's more of them). The problem, of course, is that the research should have been started 10 years ago.

Terry's Speech )
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Turns out that losing my mucus plug was the beginning of the end.

Rhys Derek Slack
Born: February 5th, 2007
Time: 4:51am
Weight: 7lbs 15.5oz.
Length: 50cm (approx 20")
Head Circumference: 36 cm (approx 14.5")

Pictures... the fun part. )

Labour Story... not alot of fun and very long. )


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