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Rhys has been waking up with nightmares the past few nights. I am not really able to sooth him... he's been dreaming about "bugs" in the bed with him (which is interesting, as he likes bugs during the day). The only thing that's been helping has been Frazer coming into the room, saying "is there another bug, budddy?" to which there's a sobbing "yes" and then Frazer makes a quick grab into the bed saying "got it!", after which Rhys can go back to sleep.

Frazer loves that his son responds like that for him.
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I wasn't planning to create a twitter account... but my husband made one and he asked me to so that he wasn't so lonely - and to help start his journey into the social networking world.

I'm stress_kitten

He's DesignInMotion, if anyone is interested.

He's also in the process of creating a professional blog. If anyone is interested in reading a, probably sporatically updated, journal about web and graphic design and the design process, I'll post the link to it once it's up and running.
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Taco Salad for dinner.

Rhys took his lettuce (which I didn't really expect him to eat) and for the last half hour has been carefully arranging it on his high chair tray. There is clearly some rhyme or reason to how he's doing so... he's been taking a piece, replacing it with another one, and had a nice even layer across the tray.

Me: *trying not to laugh too much*

Frazer: He's your son.

Me: My son? This is all you.

Frazer: What?

Me: Yes! Carefully arranging things to be esthetically pleasing? That's so you.

Frazer: That's not esthetically pleasing... that's obsessively arranging things in an organised fashion... and that's totally you.

Me: Pah.

Looong day.

Nov. 6th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Rhys was so much better today. Still, a day at home alone with a sick toddler was long and headache inducing.

We went to the library and got out some books (and returned this month's book club book... a really quick read that one), then went to the store to get a few things. In a minute I'm going to check how my green tomatoes are doing and may make green tomato chutney.

Frazer's out tonight at a friend's gallery show. He should be home in about 1/2 an hour. Rhys is sleeping. And I'm exhausted.

I'm working tomorrow at Douglas Road elementary... I'm reasonably sure I was requested, which is always nice.


May. 7th, 2008 09:19 pm
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The tag-line is whatever, but the image totally threw Frazer off during a client phone-call when he noticed it. Hehehe.


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It's sort-of become "his" colour - possibly mostly because it's an unusual colour to have as a "favourite" colour, possible because I'm not a huge fan of it. Anyways... I started to do laundry today and between him and the boy we have enough orange clothing for a separate "orange" load. I find this amusing.
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Sadly, for some reason, our camera ate the pictures and video Frazer took with our camera. *sighs* Luckily, my mum was there as well, with Doug's new snazzy SLR camera... which Frazer took over once our memory card ran out. All but the first two are his shots.

Pictures from my Convocation... not colour corrected or anything, just raw footage. )


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