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Reasonably Priced Love
and a Hard Boiled Egg.

To all those who put their lives on the line because "it's the job" - thank you. Not for heroism, not for glory... just because it's a job that needs doing, and it's there to do.
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So... Scion.

The scions of Aphrodite, Tyr, Athena, and Baron Samdie find themselves in a cave below the Nevada desert. It is a huge, dark cave. They are on a wide ledge running the length of the cave and facing a chasm of which they cannot see the other side and cannot see the bottom.

Their powers, those of which they are aware: Aphrodite's Scion can freeze anyone in their tracks, transfixed by her beauty. Tyr's Scion has exceptional strength, stamina, self-healing, and the ability to tell if someone is guilty of a crime. Athena's Scion is a tactical genius, rather morally ambivalent, and can speak to animals and has an owl familiar. The Scion of Baron Samdie can commune with the dead and make and control zombies. There's also a mortal professor along with them for the ride.

They need to get to the other side... if there is another side.

So, how do they do it? )
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If you don't play WoW, you're not going to understand a word of this post. Or, more correctly, the words will make sense individually, but when placed together, their sense will evaporate.

My character on WoW dinged 70 last night... and Frazer gave me 3400 gold to make sure I got my epic flying mount immediately... sweet man.

Ok... well, I have to pay it back. And he's claiming... "interest". But that's fun, rather than a chore. *grins* And I'm an herbalist/alchemist so my potential for making money in-game is very high.

So I log on after the boy went to bed this evening and received a group-invite from our guild-master. I accepted automatically... and immediately received a summon into Tempest Keep. o.O My noobie-70, pulled into a 25-man raid. Haven't even run a heroic.

I didn't suck, which was a pleasant surprise. I was insanely under-geared for it, but even so I managed to out-DPS the tanks. Yay! And only wiped the raid once. Oops. Mind you, out guild-master wiped the raid once as well, for the same reason I did, so it could have been worse. Hehe.

And High Astromancer Solarian dropped a really nice pair of warlock pants. I wasn't gonna roll on it, because I was really more a liability than anything else on the raid and got brought in because they were 24-manning it so I filled up the empty slot. However, I had several guild-mates stamping their feet at me and ordering me to roll, and the raid leaders and gm basically telling me "roll, damn it!". So I did. And won it.

So I got my first epic, and my first two badges, from Tempest Keep. I'm not even geared for Karazan! Hehe.

Then a bunch of officers went and raided their banks for mats (as I'm broke-broke-broke as is Frazer from buying that mount) and gemmed and enchanted my gear. I think they've been looking forward to me dinging 70. Hehe. Nice to know they're so excited by it. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy about it right now. :-)
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If you play/have played D&D, other RPGs or any MMORGs, you will probably find the following quite amusing.

Richard is awesome.
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Reasonably Priced Love.

... and a Hard Boiled Egg.

Our lilacs are still in bloom... it was a late spring.

To all those who seek to make the world a better place, not for God, not for Glory, not for Country, but simply because they choose to think of it as their job to serve and protect the silly, selfish, ungrateful entity known as humanity - I honour you today.

And don't forget your towel. I really have to buy a purple one for this day. :-D


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