Jul. 20th, 2009 02:18 pm
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I now have a medium sized chest freezer plugged into the outdoor outlet on my back deck. It is white and shiny and will do a good job at reducing the food bill for this house as I can buy meat in bulk when it's cheap and freeze the damn stuff.

I may even be persuaded to keep ice cream in the house now that it won't be taking up 1/3 of a drawer.

Happy birthday to me! Thank you to my MIL, my FIL and my Grandfather.
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- clean kitchen
- wash clothes
- do ironing
- plan girls-weekend for August
- go shopping
- cull toys
- take out recycling
- vacuum stairs
- clean bathroom
- dead-head roses
- weed yard
- cut grass
- take car in for recall repair
- get courtesy car because car will be at repair centre overnight
- sweep upstairs
- organise shelves in front hall
- attack tv room... defeat it if possible
- mail packages
- send in taxes
- put away paperwork
- tidy living area
- have in-laws over to visit (in messy house! argh!)
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To do:

Do laundry
Dry laundry
Fold laundry
Put laundry away
Get herbs and supplies from garden store
Plant herb and use supplies from garden store
Prune and generally spruce up the front of the house
Clean kitchen
Clean living area
WoW long enough to make Flasks of Stoneblood for husband
Take out recycling
Take bottles back to bottle depot
Make dinner
Clean cat box
Wash kitchen floor
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Today is Jennie the Domestic Diva day.

So far:

- cat box cleaned
- bedroom tidied
- load of laundry on
- chicken dinner prepared and cooking (crockpot chicken stuffed with apples and a couple tablespoons of cider vinegar and apple juice in the bottom... am interested to see how it turns out)
- batch of jam simmering
- living area tidied
- bathroom cleaned
- another batch of jam prepped
- second batch of jam
- second load of laundry
- play a little WoW (made the Flasks Frazer was wanting)
- labeled jam - this is important as I didn't do that to the last three batches and lost track of what was in which jar
- cleaned up from jamming
- folded clean laundry (one load still drying, then done!)
- took out recycling
- washed floor
- shined sink

Still to do:

- some writing for tomorrow
- possibly a nap
- more WoW
- pick up boy from daycare
- make scones to go with new jam with boy
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Posting list of Things To Do here so that I don't wimp out or get distracted.

Pay Bills
Clean up boy's toys Frazer did this, and vacuumed living area
Clean kitchen, including washing the floor
Laundry washed - 2nd load on
Laundry dried - 2nd load in dryer
Days planned for work for next two weeks.
Bedroom cleaned - tidied, although there's more to go
Suitcase unpacked - all three back packs are unpacked... suitcase to come
Bathroom cleaned
Front Hall tidied
Garbage taken out
Recycling sorted and taken out
Went grocery shopping and bought 24 litres of apple juice, as well as several other things
Picked up boy from Daycare
Took back library books, DVD, and CDs
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Rhys woke up screaming at 2 this morning... I went into his bedroom and discovered why.

The little snot had removed his sleeper and his diaper at some point in the night. So when he went pee, he soaked his bed and himself and ended up cold and wet.


I had to call Frazer to come and help me deal with it, since I only have so many arms.

I am so tired, and I have so many things to do today. o.O These things are made much more difficult because Rhys is in the middle of a "must be being held by Mummy" phase. He's ALWAYS wanting up... it's driving me nuts because it is of course at a time when I really have a lot to try and get done. Stuff that is made immeasurably more difficult while trying to hold a 25lb toddler.

Of course, the lack of attention from Mummy is exactly why he's behaving like this. I tried to give him a whole bunch first thing this morning. Hopefully that will help.

I really need my cup of tea. I may have to make myself a cup of coffee in a minute. I bought flavoured creamer for the party this afternoon, so I will probably open that and add a touch of Irish cream flavouring to my coffee. I'd add actual Irish cream, but a) it's 8am... prolly a little too early for that and b) I need to get stuff done and the alcohol would probably counteract the caffeine and put me to sleep.

I also need to take the boy outside to play in the snow. We have about 10cm lying on the ground right now. It's lovely and white and beautiful and cold. It started snowing last night and it's still there this morning... odd for Vancouver.
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I should be cleaning, but instead I'm sitting here with a stuffy head and a distinct lack of motivation to actually get up and do anything.

We're gaming tonight... should be fun. I'm making rice and... uh... chicken-stuff. Basically chicken, onion, cream of mushroom soup, and a whole bunch of chopped, frozen veggies. Quick and easy. I need to clean and tidy the dining-room table as well.

Put Rhys down for a nap 20 minutes ago... he's still awake. I'm hoping he drops off... I really need the break. He's been good today, but it's still a little overwhelming sometimes. He's got these two new games he plays with us... one is called "where's Rhys?" and he hides behind us while we're sitting on the floor. We say "where's Rhys?" looking this way and that until he dodges out from behind us, whereupon we say "There's Rhys!" and tickle/hug him. He LOVES this game. Interestingly, if I don't turn my head towards him soon enough, he'll grab my chin and turn my head around... but if Frazer's playing with him, he just waits.

The other new game is called "Moo!" and I can't even remember how it started.... probably reading "Mr Brown can Moo!" for the gazillionth time. Basically, he stands there, staring intensely at us, and mooing until we moo back. He switches between parents too... mooing at Frazer until he moos back, then turning to me and doing the same. Funny boy.

My daycare provider calls him very "organised". She'd brought out three seperate boxes of toys - trains, blocks, and cars - expecting them to get mixed up all together on the floor. Instead, he neatly lined them all up on the floor by their boxes. Hehe. Funny sproglet.

Ok... getting off LJ now. Clean up, make dinner, then maybe make cookies. [livejournal.com profile] velvetpage's post about cookies has me craving them now.
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I. Want. To. Scream.

Mostly frustration, which is too bad, because actually I've been quite productive today.

The reason I want to scream is a)we have useless tools in this house and b) I can't find the ones I want/need because they weren't put back.

And so we still have cold air blowing around the door, which would not be the case if I could just find a pair of damn tin-snips!


Also... our bank isn't open on Mondays. Another grrr. One thing that was very convenient about TD Canada Trust was their lovely, long open hours. BMO has a ridiculously short open-hours time, at least for the convenience of anyone that works, and is closed the one day this week I'm likely to have off. Blargh.

Also, I couldn't find wool in the right colour, so I can't finish the curtain for the living area. So we're heating the whole house instead of the areas we use.

On a better note:

- Bought some Christmas presents.
- Got some clothes for Rhys for the cooler weather.
- Made chicken chowder and fresh bread for dinner.
- Booked our rooms at the Bellagio for December.
- Paid my Student Line of Credit payment.
- Found a book for the book club. Will be making a book club post shortly.
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Shakespeare first:

Went to see Titus Andronicus yesterday with Pam. Wow. It was amazing. Bloody, gory, and brutal, but amazing. Titus was appropriately pathetic and vengeful (sometimes one, the other or both), Tamora, queen of the Goths strutted around with attitude and anger in tight black pants and knee-high heeled boots, Saturnus was appropriately weak, petty, and controlled by Tamora, the costuming was brilliant, Tamora's sons were extremely athletic (I haven't seen that entertaining a stage-fight in years... most times people are a little hesitant swinging swords around onstage. Not these two) and the acting had me in tears several times.

There was more blood than I'd expected (mostly because stage-blood is hard to do well), so it was appropriately bloody even while the blood remained quite realistically done. You know a play's going to be bloody when there's a pool of blood on the stage as the audience files in and the first thing that happens in the play is that a servant comes out to wipe it up. A servant also had to come in at intermission to clean the blood off the stage... he had a good time hamming it up for the entertainment of the audience filing out to use the restrooms - he was in a butler's outfit and took off his white gloves, dropped the cloth on the floor, and was using his foot to wipe up the mess.

Interestingly, they chose to do Saturnus' brother Bassianus with a female actress, making it his sister. Since Bassianus (name changed in the play to Bassiana) is the one who has married Lavinia, this meant there was a lesbian married couple as major players in the performance. Very matter-of-factly done, no other attention drawn to it. Very Vancouver, I think. :-)

The only complaint Pam had was that Tamora's sons' costumes were pretty much exactly the same as the Anthony Hopkins movie that came out a while ago (which I haven't seen). On the other hand, she acknowledged, the costuming in the movie was amazing, so keeping the same flavour wasn't a terrible thing.

Bard-B-Q and Fireworks on Wednesday... we're seeing the Tempest. Should be fun. :-)


I've already been productive today... patched and puttied the central column in our kitchen, put the first coat of paint in the alcove where the fridge belongs, and puttied around the patched hole in the ceiling above the upstairs landing. My goals for today include sanding and then doing the second lot of putty, upstairs and down, doing the second coat of paint in the alcove, and folding the six loads of laundry that I haven't gotten around to folding in the past couple of weeks. *sighs* I hate folding laundry.

Edit: Second coat of paint on, painting stuff cleaned up. Second set of putty done on both post and hole.. putty on the ceiling also artistically dotted to try and mimic the flocking on rest of ceiling (as a note, I HATE textured ceilings...). About to go put movie in and fold laundry for an hour or so before going to pick up boy.

Edit 2: Laundry folded. Next step: put it all away. Probably not until tomorrow.
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The kitchen needs cleaning. I have Christmas cards to write. I have a few Christmas presents to mail. There's laundry to be put away. I have marking to do. I have Secret Santa presents to wrap (I got the school secretary, which is great because she rocks and is probably the person I've talked to most in the entire school). I need to go exchange one of Rhys' Christmas presents because it's apparently pretty much the same thing as what his Daycare provider got him. I need to go to the store to get cat food, cat litter, and diapers. I need to figure out what to make for dinner. I need to check Rhys' diaper again, because he has a teething-related issue that needs to be monitored.

And I can't get up the motivation to do any of it. I feel like such a lazy slob. Here I am at home, in the middle of the aftermath of a tornado, with a boy who is happily playing by himself on the floor, and I can't get up the will to get myself off my ass and doing needed chores.

I feel like such a lazy slob.

Hopefully posting my shame here will make me then have the urge to refute it with a huge list of "things accomplished".


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