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Rhys has been waking up with nightmares the past few nights. I am not really able to sooth him... he's been dreaming about "bugs" in the bed with him (which is interesting, as he likes bugs during the day). The only thing that's been helping has been Frazer coming into the room, saying "is there another bug, budddy?" to which there's a sobbing "yes" and then Frazer makes a quick grab into the bed saying "got it!", after which Rhys can go back to sleep.

Frazer loves that his son responds like that for him.
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And today marks the first day of real potty training. We've had random successes before, but I've been holding off real training until summer time.

We tried a pair of training pants, but he immediately peed in them. *rolls eyes* So I just left him running around diaperless. And, without prompting, he used the potty three - almost four - times. He is aware of when he needs to pee and realises that he's not supposed to pee on the floor. :-D

He also found out today that if he uses the potty, he gets a smartie. He thought that was pretty cool. Hehe.

Gogo potty training!
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Happy Cake = Birthday Cake

I know! (irritated inflection) = Stop telling me to stop doing things I want to do.

Stop Talking. = Pay attention to me now.

Hmmm... I know! (exclamation inflection) = I don't know the answer, so I'm going to make something up.

Babelle Boom = Play Ysabelle in World of Warcraft and kill things, mama.

My turn! = Mine!!! (He has discovered that 'my turn!' is more socially acceptable.)

Wind, please = Open the car window so I can put my hand into the air-stream

Help play cars (or blocks) = Get over here and play with me, damn it!
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Today, Rhys was reaching for my Screwdriver, thinking it was orange juice. (And it is... well, mostly orange juice :-D) and I said "No, no Rhys. That's mummy's," and then, as he'd turned away, "no screwdrivers for little boys..." said quietly.

He listens though... and went to the junk drawer chanting "screwdriver... fix phone... screw driver... fix phone". Apparently my taking apart one of his toy phones a couple of months ago trying to fix it made an impression on him. And, although I don't think I've referred to a screwdriver by name more than once or twice, he knows what it is and where it's kept. I was stunned/amused.

Also, this weekend, I realised that he identifies the cats' names as "Cat" and "Other Cat". Tells you how often we actually refer to the cats by name. :-D Which makes sense... Bandit is always front and centre, so gets called "Cat" a lot... usually in terms of "Cat... what are you doing!" and Zog is usually referred to as in "Ok... there's the Cat... where's the Other Cat?" Or, "Oh, look Rhys... there's the Other Cat."

I am amused.
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Taco Salad for dinner.

Rhys took his lettuce (which I didn't really expect him to eat) and for the last half hour has been carefully arranging it on his high chair tray. There is clearly some rhyme or reason to how he's doing so... he's been taking a piece, replacing it with another one, and had a nice even layer across the tray.

Me: *trying not to laugh too much*

Frazer: He's your son.

Me: My son? This is all you.

Frazer: What?

Me: Yes! Carefully arranging things to be esthetically pleasing? That's so you.

Frazer: That's not esthetically pleasing... that's obsessively arranging things in an organised fashion... and that's totally you.

Me: Pah.
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Rhys woke up screaming at 2 this morning... I went into his bedroom and discovered why.

The little snot had removed his sleeper and his diaper at some point in the night. So when he went pee, he soaked his bed and himself and ended up cold and wet.


I had to call Frazer to come and help me deal with it, since I only have so many arms.

I am so tired, and I have so many things to do today. o.O These things are made much more difficult because Rhys is in the middle of a "must be being held by Mummy" phase. He's ALWAYS wanting up... it's driving me nuts because it is of course at a time when I really have a lot to try and get done. Stuff that is made immeasurably more difficult while trying to hold a 25lb toddler.

Of course, the lack of attention from Mummy is exactly why he's behaving like this. I tried to give him a whole bunch first thing this morning. Hopefully that will help.

I really need my cup of tea. I may have to make myself a cup of coffee in a minute. I bought flavoured creamer for the party this afternoon, so I will probably open that and add a touch of Irish cream flavouring to my coffee. I'd add actual Irish cream, but a) it's 8am... prolly a little too early for that and b) I need to get stuff done and the alcohol would probably counteract the caffeine and put me to sleep.

I also need to take the boy outside to play in the snow. We have about 10cm lying on the ground right now. It's lovely and white and beautiful and cold. It started snowing last night and it's still there this morning... odd for Vancouver.
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I should be cleaning, but instead I'm sitting here with a stuffy head and a distinct lack of motivation to actually get up and do anything.

We're gaming tonight... should be fun. I'm making rice and... uh... chicken-stuff. Basically chicken, onion, cream of mushroom soup, and a whole bunch of chopped, frozen veggies. Quick and easy. I need to clean and tidy the dining-room table as well.

Put Rhys down for a nap 20 minutes ago... he's still awake. I'm hoping he drops off... I really need the break. He's been good today, but it's still a little overwhelming sometimes. He's got these two new games he plays with us... one is called "where's Rhys?" and he hides behind us while we're sitting on the floor. We say "where's Rhys?" looking this way and that until he dodges out from behind us, whereupon we say "There's Rhys!" and tickle/hug him. He LOVES this game. Interestingly, if I don't turn my head towards him soon enough, he'll grab my chin and turn my head around... but if Frazer's playing with him, he just waits.

The other new game is called "Moo!" and I can't even remember how it started.... probably reading "Mr Brown can Moo!" for the gazillionth time. Basically, he stands there, staring intensely at us, and mooing until we moo back. He switches between parents too... mooing at Frazer until he moos back, then turning to me and doing the same. Funny boy.

My daycare provider calls him very "organised". She'd brought out three seperate boxes of toys - trains, blocks, and cars - expecting them to get mixed up all together on the floor. Instead, he neatly lined them all up on the floor by their boxes. Hehe. Funny sproglet.

Ok... getting off LJ now. Clean up, make dinner, then maybe make cookies. [ profile] velvetpage's post about cookies has me craving them now.
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The Sproglet very helpfully tried to empty the dishwasher a minute ago while I wasn't looking.

He cracked open the cutlery drawer, which he can only just reach, and started emptying the cutlery into it.

The downside to this was that the dishwasher hasn't been run yet, so he was shoving dirty cutlery into the cutlery drawer.

He is now screaming and crying because I've stopped him.

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I am being a good citizen and a cruel mother. :-/

Got a call a while ago from the hospital where Rhys was born. They are doing a study on the influenza vaccine and babies and wanted to know if I was willing to have Rhys participate. I, after talking with Frazer, said yes. Interestingly, the woman who called up asked me to talk it over with Rhys' father and let her know... I think it's the first person contacting me about Rhys who automatically included Frazer in the discussion.

So tomorrow we go to the hospital. Rhys will be measured, weighed, and given a general check-up. Then they will take blood, then give him a dose of the influenza vaccine. I will be getting my vaccination at the same time. I take him home, take his temperature for the next week and document any side effects, then bring him back several weeks later when they will take some more of his blood to measure the level of antibodies there. A few weeks after that, he gets his second dose of vaccine, and a few weeks after that he gets another set of blood tests and his 18 month vaccinations (which we have delayed a little longer in order to take part in this study).

The purpose of the study is to see if there is a significant difference in the immunity imparted by the standard 1/2 dose of vaccine that they give babies and a 1/4 dose of the vaccine. It is a blind study, so I will not know which dose Rhys is getting, since they won't either.

I think vaccination is important... and while this is for the flu vaccine, the results might well inform all vaccination efforts, so I will gladly participate. This does mean poking my son full of holes, but I will find some way to make this up to him. Much movie-watching and waving and kisses and saying hi to Ysabelle.
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You know you're a mother when while you are at the grocery store, you note that your son is suddenly much quieter than usual. He has, in fact, fallen asleep in his stroller - for the first time in a very long time. You try to wake him up (sleep at home, so I can get stuff done, damn it!) but when that fails you finish your shopping, hoping he will wake up when the cold air hits him walking home.

You get outside and this fails to wake him, and the bumps are making his head loll all over the place... so you put the back of the stroller down so that he is lying down. This, however, exposes his legs and tummy to the rain that was previously only hitting the fronts of his legs. So you take off your rain jacket and spread it over him like a blanket and walk home, getting soaked yourself... and when he transfers from the stroller to his crib without waking up, dry and cozy and secure, you don't care one bit that you are soaked.


Last night was crazy windy and we woke up around 3 or so to an insistent beeping... it was the UPS system letting us know that the power had gone out. Muttering curses, and thankful we didn't have to work today, Frazer stumbled out of bed to turn it off.

Rhys woke up at 515am (which I only know because eventually I found Frazer's phone and checked the time on it). The power still hadn't come on. It is remarkably hard to look after a toddler by candle light when you're mostly asleep. He was moving around clumsily, as if he was half asleep too, so I put him back to bed with a bottle and went back to bed myself. He slept another two hours, which was nice. Power still wasn't on, but I brought him downstairs and it was light enough that we could see. I lay down on the ground to play with him... and fell back asleep. o.O He played quietly on the floor with me for 2 hours before I woke back up again!! Wonderful child.

Today was good Rememberance Day ceremony weather. It didn't rain, and wasn't freezing cold, but there were slate-grey skies and a light wind that had the fall leaves skipping along the ground. A bright, sunny day never seems to lend itself to a solemn rememberance of sacrifice.

To all those who fought, and who fight, for us and our freedoms, who have given youth, life, or limb, thank you. Thank you for believing enough, and for having courage enough, to do what you've been told is necessary. Thank you for those who willingly put their neck out there, not only for their and their family's safety, but for the safety of countrymen they've never met, and for the safety of people who have not the power to protect themselves and raise their children in security without help.

I may not always agree with where the Government says our soldiers should go, but I will ALWAYS respect those who place themselves in harms way for us and for others. Thank you.

Looong day.

Nov. 6th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Rhys was so much better today. Still, a day at home alone with a sick toddler was long and headache inducing.

We went to the library and got out some books (and returned this month's book club book... a really quick read that one), then went to the store to get a few things. In a minute I'm going to check how my green tomatoes are doing and may make green tomato chutney.

Frazer's out tonight at a friend's gallery show. He should be home in about 1/2 an hour. Rhys is sleeping. And I'm exhausted.

I'm working tomorrow at Douglas Road elementary... I'm reasonably sure I was requested, which is always nice.
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Stress_Kitten: *glances at bedside clock*
Clock: *smugly shows 5:15am*
Rhys: Mama! Mama! Mama? Mamamama! Mummy?
Stress_Kitten: *thinks [ profile] stormcat is right and toddlers need snooze buttons*
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I went in to get Rhys up this morning and found I had a naked baby in the crib. He'd taken off his pyjamas at some point in the night. Thankfully, although he was pulling at it, he hadn't managed to get his diaper off. It's only a matter of time. And he was climbing the rail of his crib... pulling on the top and digging his bare feet onto the rails for purchase. I think that we will be closing the baby gate at the top of the stairs at night from now on (although the boy's bedroom door is always closed and latched anyways).

For those who many not have been watching the calendar, [ profile] prism_books Points to Ponder for this month's book are up. Should be an interesting conversation.

Uh... ok.

Sep. 24th, 2008 06:32 pm
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Rhys just tried to put a diaper on the cat.
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Seriously... how do you not laugh, even when you know you shouldn't?

Rhys, while I was otherwise occupied, managed to get a box of cookies down off the counter. When I caught him, he was sitting on the ground, pulling cookies out of the box, taking one bite, putting it down on the ground, then pulling out another one, taking a bite, putting it down, etc.

Really, laughing encourages the behaviour. But how do you not?
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I want Rhys to break these teeth. Because until he does, it would appear that he's having the typical diaper issues that occur with teething.

Poor little guy. Waking up screaming because of the pain/discomfort is a bad thing. Thank gods for vaseline and baby powder.
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Sadly, for some reason, our camera ate the pictures and video Frazer took with our camera. *sighs* Luckily, my mum was there as well, with Doug's new snazzy SLR camera... which Frazer took over once our memory card ran out. All but the first two are his shots.

Pictures from my Convocation... not colour corrected or anything, just raw footage. )


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