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The reception itself was really a wonderful time for me and Frazer, and I certainly hope everyone else had a good time too. They seemed to. A lot of people took a lot of time and trouble to come out to see us married, and that really helped make the day that much more wonderful.

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These ones are beautiful, but probably more interesting to those who know the family. There are some great couple shots of me and Frazer at the end though... and some excellent and very funny shots of family.

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My father walked me down the aisle. That he was there at all was impressive, since his plane broke down and he was late getting back from Mexico. He arrived at 5 that morning. Still, he had a great time rushing about down in Mexico "I've got to get back to Canada! My daughter is getting married!" and he had fun telling the story at the reception. We stopped at the end of the aisle where his seat was and I walked the last little way on my own.

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It was by no means a day without flaws and hiccups. However, they all ended up being minor, and I only had to deal with one of them.

I got up at 8 after a good night's sleep and putzed about my mum's house a bit first thing in the morning. Pam arrived at a quarter to 10 and at 1010 we left for our make-up, nails and hair appointment. We got there in good time. Runaway Bay in the village does good manicures. Got up there and realised that I'd forgotten the flowers that were supposed to go in my hair back at my mum's. Called down and my brother came to drop them off for me. He came in where I was getting my manicure done and handed me the vase of flowers, asked me if I needed him to do anything else, then left again.

As he left, the beautician said, "That's your brother? He's CUTE!"

Something I already know, but it's always fun to have my opinion reinforced.

My manicure done, she started on my makeup. And she was very good. It's amazing how much makeup goes into making it look like you are wearing none. My lips were a much pinker shade than I would ever have chosen myself, but they look really good in the photos.

Then the hair...

The hairstylist was good. She did an amazing job. But she took forEVER. Well, my hair took an hour. Which was not bad at all. Pam's hair took an hour and a half. Which is what made us 1/2 hour late for the wedding. Which sucked. I hate being late for things. I called down to let them know we were behind, and did a really good job of not freaking out.

Frazer was apparently losing his composure about 15 minutes after the intended start of the wedding.

Photos and commentary below the cut.

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