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I am posting this here because I'm not interested in the type of facebook debate that this would cause... however, I needed to write it out because gah.

This was to be in response to the wife of a local friend who posted a cartoon of three children sitting in front of the principal's office. One says "I said the S-H word," one says "I said the F word," and the last, a clean-cut little bespeckled boy says "I said Christmas".

My response, cut before being posted, was as follows:

Yes, because we never say Christmas in BC public schools... *rolls eyes*

We try to be inclusive. This means NOT ONLY looking at the Christian holidays, but also all the other winter festivals that happen at this time of year in our multicultural society. Christmas is not under attack... it is THE dominant holiday in North America, especially as even those who aren't Christian frequently celebrate it as a cultural holiday, even if not a religious one... but not everyone celebrates it and as our public schools are supposed to cater to ALL students of all nationalities and all backgrounds, we're either inclusive in our celebrations or we don't celebrate at all. In the end, how each school chooses to handle that is up to the individual school community, and the comfort level of the individual teacher in terms of addressing inclusive discussions of religion in their classroom... but Christians are FAR missing the mark with feeling persecuted because they're being asked to share a small part of the holiday season with those of other faiths.
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