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While cleaning up in the yard, I have come to the conclusion that having grass there is just not an option. The shade-happy backyard grass I seeded with last year has completely died over the winter. There are some minimal patches of grass, but most of the yard is mud.

So... what are some ground coverings I can plant there that aren't grass? The area is:

- shaded most of the day, although it gets a little direct sunlight and a lot of indirect light.

- soil is thick, rich, delta silt at just about the water table level. I aerated and sanded last year, and will again this year with even more sand, but short of ripping up all the soil up with a roto-rooter and completely re-bedding the area, it will remain thick, heavy and probably close to water-logged.

- must be able to survive a toddler running around on it.

- must be able to survive our winters... hovering around freezing, rarely below -5C, generally only a little snow

- more than adequately watered

I'm not sure what can survive in that area and survive the boy. Any suggestions? I just want something that will look green with good coverage, that I can mow with my push mower to keep it looking neat, and will stop going into the yard equaling a change of clothing and shoes due to the levels of mud.

I'm reasonably sure that's too much to ask, but thought I'd at least try.


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