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I carved pumpkins tonight.

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I've been feeling strangely reticent lately. Posting and returning emails has seemed to be more energy than I can muster. Not really a good state of affairs... I'm anti-social enough without adding to it.

My Nana leaves to return to England today. I've been spending the last few days as much at my mum's as I can. She really is getting old and frail. She loses the thread continually and can't keep instructions straight in her head for five seconds all together. It's so hard to watch... and I don't like the fact that she's returning home to a place that's a good half hour or more from either of my aunts - who themselves have very busy lives.

My mum and Doug decided to try and convince Nana to come live over here. They're going to be filling in the paperwork over the next few days and start the process of having her come over to live with them. With luck the Canadian government will not have a problem with it. I'd like to state once more for the record that Doug, with all his idiosyncrasies, is a very, very good man. It is not going to be easy having Nana living with them, but he just shrugged his shoulders when I mentioned how thankful I was that he was willing to undertake such a huge commitment and said that some things are just obviously right to do. He also commented that eventually he'd get used to having his socks and underwear getting put away ironed too, but that that one would always be slightly awkward. Hehe.

Frazer and I will be taking our first vacation this winter. We are leaving on December 17th for Las Vegas, where we will stay for the night before driving down to Arizona to visit internetz friends. We will be staying with them for four nights, then driving back up to spend another night in Las Vegas before flying back on December 23rd. All the adults (and I use this term lightly) involved in this little venture are extremely excited about the prospect. Rhys couldn't care less... but that's because he's really not of an age to understand. Hehe. I'm a little trepidatious about taking him away for so long, but I'll get over it. Tickets are booked, passport information has been delivered to the Government, so we should receive our passports in the next 2 weeks, and all that's really left is figuring out car rental, hotel accommodation for the two nights in Vegas, and insurance. Whee!

Went to a wedding on Sunday. It was fun, and lovely to see Trav and Lisa happily (and finally) wed. They were very brave and opened the floor to guests to give little speeches and share stories on the spur of the moment. :-) Frazer got up to say a few words, although I abstained. A bride should never hear on her wedding day "So, I know Trav because we dated for 8 months..." at the beginning of a speech. Hehe.


And a pic of me from the wedding as well... )

My hair.

Jun. 22nd, 2008 06:38 pm
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My hair's been coming up in conversation a lot lately... at least partially because I've been wearing it down more recently. So I figured I'd document where it is at 7 years of growing it from a bob.

I'm still not sure what colour to call it, either. It's actually a little lighter in hue in person. It's either light brown or dark blonde, with reddish highlights. And I hesitate to call it either. I was talking to Frazer about it and he told me, in all seriousness, that it was a sandy blond *pause* or a sandy brown. Uh-huh. Helpful, not so much. Does a great job of illustrating the problem though. *grins*

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Sadly, for some reason, our camera ate the pictures and video Frazer took with our camera. *sighs* Luckily, my mum was there as well, with Doug's new snazzy SLR camera... which Frazer took over once our memory card ran out. All but the first two are his shots.

Pictures from my Convocation... not colour corrected or anything, just raw footage. )


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