Dec. 19th, 2016

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So, my son has been researching, world building, and writing original Fan Fiction for Star Wars. And, for a 9 yr old, he is damn good. I added (only a little) punctuation, and taught him about how to add paragraph breaks for dialogue, but otherwise, this is all him.


The clone wars

Clone Perspective


XN-22242 (nicknamed “Twos”) hid behind cover while red blaster bolts flew above him. Meanwhile XN-27811 (nicknamed ”Hectic” for his hectic personality) ducked out of cover shot a couple of shots at the approaching battle droids then went back behind cover. Across from them, were XN-87881 (nicknamed “Bouncer” for his his tendency to bounce a little when not in combat) and XN-19057 (nicknamed “Hit” for his tendency to hit targets with good aim). All of these clone cadets were merely in a training program designed to train them to fight Count Dooku and his droid armies.

“This is our last training test we have to do good on this one!” Hit yelled over the incoming blaster fire. All the cadets nodded in agreement.

“New orders incoming,” Bouncer yelled.

“Move up to flag position in X formation,” a robotic voice said.

All the cadets followed the orders in absolute union, Twos in top left, Hectic in bottom left, Hit in top right, Bouncer in bottom right, each of them covering each others backs. As they moved up, they hid behind cover then moved up again in the same formation. Suddenly, two platforms rose from the ground on either side of them. On those platforms, there were two Super Battle Droids. Bouncer raised his blaster and shot at them just before the Super Battle Droids could raise their arm blasters and shoot at the clones.

“I see the flag, it’s on that hill!” Hit yelled, pointing.

They moved toward the flag together, dodging blaster fire as they ran. Once he was close enough, Hectic leaped at the flag. His hands clasped it as he hit the metal ground with a thud.

“YES!” Twos hooted. They walked back to the lift that brought them to the barracks.

“WoW” Hit said practically speechless

“Don't celebrate just yet guys we still have the test to do” Bouncer said

“You really think we won't succeed the test” Hectic asked

“Well you don't know till you try Hectic” Bouncer said

“Whoa whoa don't argue guys” Twos said trying to stop the argument.

Chapter 2


“Its time for the test guys” Hectic said hyped.

“Oh my gosh I'm hyped” Bouncer said. They walked into hanger bay 7 and in the middle of the hanger stood a dark blue striped clone ARC trooper (advanced recon commandos).

“Ah your early” the ARC trooper said

“Well we were a little hyped, well by a little I mean really hyped” Bouncer said smiling.

“My name is CT-22798 otherwise known as…” All the clones heard a sliding sound as 3 other squads entered the large hanger bay. “Hello clone squads, my identification number is CT-22798, but I'm referred to as Echo. Me and my friend Fives are both 3rd in command in the 501st legion. I'm gonna be supervising your final test to see if you become clone troopers or maintenance clones,” Echo said. “Alright FORM UP BOYS” Echo shouts making all clones jump and scrabble into formation.

“SIR YES SIR!” all the clone troopers said while jumping to a salute. Echo smiled,

“Alright your group” he points at Twos’ group. Hectic jumped with excitement

“Lets go guys!” Hectic said hyped. The clones were on the starting zone of the test Twos had a medic pack on his back. They were completely silent then in unison they loaded their blasters

“3…2…1 RELEASED!!!!!” a robotic voice said. The clones pushed forward and hid behind cover, shot the droids at another cover position and then moved up.

“Blast em!” Bouncer yelled. The clones sprinted up towards cover. Then out of nowhere a commando droid tackled and shot Hectic. Twos shot the droid.

“Nooooo Hectic!” Twos screamed “Form a cover shield!” Twos yelled over the blaster fire the clones ran and formed a cover shield while Twos pulled the medic pack off his back. Hectic groaned in pain while Twos patched him up. Once Hectic got patched up, the clones this time back to back ran up towards the main tower where the flag was. Hit, once at the base of the tower, took his grapple hook from his utility belt and shot it to the top of the tower. All the other clones did the same. After that all the clones took cover at the top of the tower. Then, from in front of the flag, a platform rose about a foot above the ground. On it was a droidika which activated its shield and started blasting the clones. Hit grabbed a droid popper (aka EMP grenade). The droid popper rolled into the droideka’s shield and deactivated the droidika. Bouncer then ran and lifted the flag above his head and cheered. All the droids in the training facility shut down and the tower started to retract into the ground.

Echo smiled when Twos squad entered the observation deck “Congratulations cadets you are officially clone troopers. You are being assigned to the planet Del Tharar and aiding the 212th battalion.” Echo said.

Chapter 3

3 days later…

Hectic stood on board the cargo hold of a Acclamator class assault ship. “Hey Kipper!” Hectic yelled to the other clone in the hanger

“Yeah, what?” Kipper replied

“I need some help taking this pack of shells to the main cannons” Hectic said

“Okay,” he replied whilst aiding Hectic lift the crate. While walking to the gun deck they past Twos

“Hey Hectic” Twos said as he passed by.

“Hey Twos” Hectic grunted as he passed. Putting the ammo on the gun deck they walked to the cargo hold once again. “All clones in the 7th platoon go down to hanger bay 7 please,” the admiral announced through speakers.

“Lets go then,” Kipper said excited.

“Wait, you’re in the 7th platoon Kipper?”

“Yeah,” he replied

“Oh, cool,” Hectic said surprised. Twos, Bouncer, Hectic and Hit met together in the hanger bay where they partnered up with Kipper’s squad. The members of Kipper’s squad were Tex, Carc, Blax, Tech and, of course, Kipper.

Commander Cody stood in front of the 6 squads. “12 squads, actually, Bouncer thought, but every 2 squads were formed together into one. Wonder what you would call that. Maybe double squad? Yeah,” he thought, “I’ll go with that.”

“Alright boys this platoon is going to the surface, now I want each double squad to find a gunship and get in it !” Cody shouts the clones scramble to find a gunship.

“Yep, I was right,” Bouncer thought smugly, “Double squads.”

Once all the gunships were loaded with clones, Cody stepped into Hectic’s squad ship. After all it only had 9 clones while the rest had 10. The gunships then flew out of the hanger bay, entering space. When the ships entered the planet’s atmosphere, the side doors opened just enough to see out. The ship landed on the ground in a temporary Republic camp. The doors opened fully and the clones stepped out. Waiting for them was general Obi-Wan.

“Good to see you again Cody” Obi-Wan said smiling

“Good to see you as well, general,” Cody replied. The clones started to look at the planet. It was dark on the planet due to the fact that it was night. Around the camp there were lots of thick, flowery trees. The double squad saw red and blue blaster fire in the distance, about a kilometre away.

“Platoon, get some rest. It’s a big day tomorrow!” Obi-Wan shouted to them. The clones went to the sleeping quarters, but Twos, Hit, Bouncer and Hectic couldn't sleep. Hit decided that since he couldn't sleep he would practice his marksmanship skills in the shooting range. Once he got there he saw Commander Cody shooting targets.

“Hello Commander” Hit said as he walked into the shooting range.

“Hello…” Cody said, trying to remember his nickname.

“Hit, sir” Hit says.

“Yes, Hit. There we go. By the way, what are you doing up so late?” Cody asked.

“I couldn't sleep, so I thought I would keep my marksman skills top notch” Hit replied. Cody nodded and turned back to shoot targets Hit walked up to the wall, grabbed a DC-15A blaster rifle, walked up to the line on the ground and started shooting.


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